About the Refund and Return Policy

It is necessary to read Goodmedzusa Refund and return policy before you make any order from our website so that you can know the procedure of our website and the way we treat our customers. 

Conformation of The Order

On placing an order, an email will be sent to you for confirmation of the order and payment process, and once the payment is received, an email will be sent saying that the order you have made is being processed. 

If we cannot fulfil your order or there is a payment problem, you can call us to inquire.

Conformation of Shipping

After you have processed it, the product is shipped between 24 and 48 hours. The email containing the shipment confirmation along with a tracking order and links will be sent to you, and how you can reach us in case of any queries. 

Receiving The Package

When it’s time to receive the package, if the order is within the country, it can be delivered quickly and within a few days. Still, in case of any emergency and unforeseen situation that is not in our hands, you may receive the order a little late. In general, the charge is delivered within 15 to 20 days. It is also important to note that there is a custom duty that can cause delay; therefore, the client should take the responsibility of tracking their order and call our customer care if they do not receive the order within the estimated period, which is 15 to 20 days

When The Product is Incorrect or Faulty

Our website, Goodmedzusa, offers you a refund policy in case the goods you received are damaged or not once ordered. 

Custom Duty Policy

We are known to provide business in India as well as in foreign countries, and the case of foreign countries, the goods are treated as imported and have to go through customs; in such cases, there might be a delay. Therefore we request some extra time. The delay can be a maximum of 3 weeks in extreme cases. 

Refund, Return Or Changes To Order

Whenever you place an order, we send an email confirming the order has been placed. The following mail is estimated to be received within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring the order will be dispatched soon. 

If any issue regarding the payment is seen, an email will be sent to you. Our website, Goodmedzusa, offers a total refund or reshipment of the order you placed. If you do not receive your order within 28 working days, we are ready to provide you with a refund. If, in any condition, you do not receive your order or it is damaged during the transition, then we guarantee a full refund, or we can even send you another order.

If any order is returned to us due to customs regulations, we are also ready to provide you with a refund Policy. All orders take around 20 to 30 days for shipping to reach the customer. 

Reshipment of The Lost Order

If any order is lost, we provide you the facility of reshipment or refund policy on our website. In case of order delay, inform us within 8 weeks of shipping. There is a question of refund Policy if your order is not shipped, and you have told us about it to our customer care.

Process For Replacing The Order

The shipping may take an additional 7 days, and you should adjust with it as the customs duty may take some time. There can be a replacement if the order is placed at an incorrect address.