The Priority of policy

The priority of our website is to take care of the privacy of the people who visit us. The privacy policy contains all the necessary information collected by us, and it also includes how the data is used and disclosed and ensures that our customer’s data is protected. 

The privacy policy is limited to the online data collected and does not guarantee any offline data collected. 

Information Collected By US

The information we collect from you is to provide details about the shipping, offers or coupons we have for our customers. Sign-up information on our website requires details like name, email, mobile number, and resident address.  

On a visit to Goodmedzusa for any information you need to sign up, you first must sign up. We need your name, contact number, and email information there so that you can get the information from our site and your privacy is not disturbed. 

How Is The Information Is Used?

We have several ways by which we collect information, including directly from you or indirectly through our partners, so that we can inform you about any new updates or information about our website, customer service, or promotional activities. 

A suggestion can be helpful for our website as it can help improve it. We want to expand our business, and This Policy is possible only when we analyze the customer’s behaviour and needs. We also want to increase our product’s brand and awareness. 

Log Files

Whenever a customer visits our website, a log file records all its information, and the next time he returns, it is used. The log files on our website are of standard type. Computers-generated files are log files and contain information about the customer’s choice and the products they visited.  

Every website has its log files, and they store information like the type of browser the visitor uses, IP address, stamp of date and time. The log file may also record the number of clicks. The data is not personal; its only use is tracking the users and analyzing the trends, user moments, etc.

Policy of Cookies

Our website also uses cookies like any other website. Whenever a visitor visits a site, the cookies store information about the website called by the visitor. Cookies can be recognized as a small file put on our hard drive. This information is stored and can be used by the website to make the experience for the visitors more personal. To keep your cookie information so others do not use the information, you can delete all the cookies.

Rights of The Policy

The right of the consumer says that they have the right to ask the website not to disclose some part of the personal information stored on their website. They can even ask the business to delete the data. 

Data Policy

We make sure that our customers are well-known for data privacy. Our website, Goodmedzusa, is secure with SSL security. SSL ensures that the customer data and the transaction information is safe. SSL ensures that the information is not lost, but there may be some loopholes in online and offline data. 

Information For children

Children are not safe and should not be used by our website. Our website is responsible for informing you of the online actions and tracking the records of their children. We suggest you add some security while the internet is used. 

Goodmedzusa may not purposely take personal information from your home by children below 13 years of age. If you find any information being shared by your children, then we recommend you stop them, and we will also try to remove the data from our website.