FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

Erectile Dysfunction is expected to affect both men and women, but most probably men, with about 40% of cases about them.

The reason for the problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction may be many, including physical, psychological or emotional. Physical causes include damage to the penis or muscles and tissues. Other causes include heart disease, kidney disease or high blood pressure.

Both pills are considered to show the same result, and both are the same in terms of safety, effectiveness, dosage, and strength.

Yes, the medicine has some side effects, and the most common are headache and dizziness, indigestion, and even flushing faces.

Yes, you have the chance to cancel your order till the time the order is not ready for shipping; if you have any dilemma in your mind about whether to have the order or not, you can cancel it till the time it is not dispatched, and you can even get a full refund for it.

Your order can be tracked by the Order ID you provided in the email when placing the order. If it becomes difficult for you to track your order this way, you can ask for help from Goodmedzusa.

When you enter an incorrect email, you will not receive a confirmation mail, and the registration process must be repeated.  

A CVV number is the last four-digit number provided as a security code during online payment. It protects against fraud, and the bank information is secured with the help of CVV.

The medicine’s expiration date will be within six months, but it still needs to be fixed. We do not ship expired products; we care for the quality and try to make them the best.